Hair extensions can be used to add length, volume and color to your hair.

The first step is a FREE consultation to determine if hair extensions are right for you. Consultations usually take about 20 minutes and, after taking a thorough history of your hair and answering any questions you may have, we will work with you to determine which type of extension would help you achieve your desired look. The extensions used will match your natural color and texture so that they will be virtually undetectable and easy to maintain. We currently offer 4 different methods of human hair application.

If you want to have your extensions put in the same day as your consultation, our hair extension salon can usually accommodate your request as we carry a large selection of hair and have most colors and textures in stock at all times.

We currently offer four different methods of application.

1. Our KERATIN/FUSION hair extensions are the most durable-long lasting and low maintenance.  We match real 100% human hair in the same texture and color of your natural hair and apply it small strands. The bond is about the size of a grain of rice so they are free moving  and you are able to wear your hair many different ways. With proper home care they will stay in your hair 3-4 months or longer. This method takes 2-3 hours to apply. We have 5 different packages to choose from, based on how much hair you want to add. The packages range in price from $175-$2,195. Some of the brands we use for this method include HairDreams, SHE by SoCap and Cinderella.

2. Our Tape-In extension service is called the Instant Mermaid. We call it Instant because it only takes about an hour to get a full head of extensions, so you can have long hair instantly! These extensions are applied to your hair in strips with a medical grade adhesive and are sometimes called “seamless” extensions because they lay flat and seamlessly blend into your natural hair.  They are made of real remy human hair,  and are excellent quality. The cost is $925 for a full head of 20″ long, or only $795 for 12″ long. They remain in your hair for 6-8 weeks and you can come back and have the same hair re-applied up to 3 more times for only $265.

3. LINK Hair Extensions are a nice alternative to fusion bond extensions and are sometimes called micro-links, I-tips or bead hear extensions. These are attached in small strands to your own natural hair using color coated beads to attach link strands to your natural hair. This process uses no heat, glue, or weaving with extensions lasting up to 2-3 months in your hair and can be re-applied up to 2 more times. The package prices range from $175-$2,195 depending on how much hair you desire. The brands we use for this method are Dreamcatchers, Venus and Short2Long.

4. The newest type of extensions we are offering is wefts of hair that are attached to your natural hair with small silicone-lined beads.  The weft adds maximum volume and length. The application takes 1-2 hours and the cost is $1,295 for 20″ and $1,695 for 24″. You will need to come in every 6-8 weeks to have the tracks moved up. The cost for a move up/re-application is $265. With proper care you can continue to use the hair for up to a year. We use Bellami Professional Volume Wefts for this method.

Note that ALL of our hair extensions are sold as a complete package. We start with a deep cleansing shampoo and clarifying treatment, and once the application process is complete your hair will be cut to the desired length and styled.  We will send you home with a kit that contains everything you need to take care of your new hair.

Whichever package you select, you will receive free hair cuts for the life of your extensions as well as removal of the extensions whenever you would like.




  1. Protect your investment by using professional hair products for extensions to keep hair strong, healthy, and shiny.
  2. Tie your hair back at night in a loose ponytail or braid.
  3. Never go to bed with wet hair.
  4. Wash hair as often as necessary to keep it clean and oil free.
  5. Don’t allow hot tools such as curling irons to touch the bonds.
  6. Don’t use any hair products that contain oil, alcohol, or silicones.
  7. Never try to remove the extensions yourself.
  8. Brush hair thoroughly before every shampoo.
  9. Have all chemical processes, such as color or perms, done in the salon by a professional stylist.
  10. A silk or satin pillowcase will help keep your hair tangle free.