Q. Will extensions damage my natural hair?
A. With proper care and removal our extensions will not damage your hair. In fact, many of our clients find that their own hair is longer and healthier after their extensions are removed.
Q. How is the hair attached?
A. We use four different methods of attachment, including: bonding, tapes, beads and sewing. When you come in for a free consultation we will show you what they are like and recommend which type would be best suited for your hair.
Q. Can you wash your hair?
A. YES! We use 100% human hair. So you wash, blow dry, curl, flat iron, and style it just as you would your own hair!
Q. How do you get them out?
A. We will carefully remove the extensions with a special solution and tools. The cost of removal is included in your initial package price.
Q. How long do they last?
A. Depending on the type of extensions you choose, they can remain in your hair up to 3-4 months or longer.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. It depends on which extension package you select. Our complete package prices start at $185 and go up to $2,395
Q. Can you still color your hair?
A. Yes! You can continue to have your hair colored while the extensions are in.
Q. How long does it take?
A. The initial application will take 1-3 hours, depending on which package you choose. It is much faster to have extensions done at Mermaid than at a conventional salon, because we work as a team, cutting your time in the chair in half.
Q. What type of hair do you use?
A. We use ethically sourced 100% remy human hair, the very best quality available.
Q: Will the extensions match my own hair?
A. We are experts in color and texture matching. The extensions will be virtually undetectable in your natural hair.
Q. What sets Mermaid apart from other stylists/salons?
A. After almost 20 years in business we have perfected the matching, application and blending of hair extensions. But what makes our salon truly different is our team service culture. You will have a team of specialists all working together to provide you the best service possible.
Q. I had hair extensions put in someplace else, can you remove them?
A. We would be happy to! We have all different types of bond removers and will carefully and gently take out the extensions and remove any tangles. We will also wash and style your hair for you afterward. We charge $150 for non-Mermaid removals.
Q. I already bought extensions somewhere else, can you apply them?
A. Unfortunately we can only be responsible for applying hair that we provide. The price of our extension packages include the cost of hair.
Q. Is it difficult to maintain extensions?
A. We will provide you with everything you need including a special brush just for extensions as well as educating you on how to properly care for your extensions at home.
Q. What if they don’t last?
A. We guarantee that extensions will remain in your hair for at least eight weeks provided you are using Mermaid Extension Care products at home.
Q. Are they comfortable?
A. After an adjustment period of 1-2 days, properly applied extensions should not pull, hurt or cause discomfort in any way.